Friday, September 3, 2010

The Blind Assassin

The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

This book was here for me to read at just the right time. At 521 pages, and with many things to do other than reading, I had hesitated to pick it up it. But I somehow managed to pinch a nerve and was in pain with limited use of my right arm and hand. So for a week while I alternated heat and ice, and rest, I used my left hand to hold the book and began reading. Although not a page turner, as some books are referred to, I did want to keep reading, but I could put it down, when something or someone called. I love Margaret Atwood's style of writing. It is very descriptive, and though I often skip over a lot of description, I wanted to read her every word. The Blind Assassin has joined some others at the top of my list of favorite books and will definitely seek out other books by the author.

The Blind Assassin is really a novel within a novel with three plots that alternate throughout the book. It is the story of two sisters growing up in Canada whose family was affected by WWI, the Depression and Communist witch-hunts. The story is told by the oldest sister, Iris Chase Griffin, now in her 80's and suffering from a heart condition. It is a family chronicle of love, greed, danger, anguish, and secrets.

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